According to the hardness of the mattress to be produced in the pocket spring system, different wire diameters are used. The spring system produced in different wire diameters is packaged separately with interlining. The springs, which are individually packaged and can operate independently of each other, instantly adapt to the body structure and provide the right spine support, increasing the sleep quality to a noticeable extent.

Pocket springs can be produced in single wire diameters, or they can be produced as 3-zone, 5-zone and 7-zone by combining different wire diameters. In this case, pocket springs produced in different hardness are used for certain parts of the mattress. For the heavier parts of the body, springs with a thicker wire diameter is used. Wires of different thickness provide optimum support and pressure for points such as waist, neck, back and hips. It keeps the spine structure of the body upright and minimizes the pressure applied to the spine. Thus, no matter how a person sleeps,he/she continues to receive the right support during sleep

Pocket Spring Height
2,5 cm - 21 cm
pocket Spring Wire Diameter
1,10 mm - 2,30 mm
  • *Standard Lamet Frame 1.40 mm

  • *Circular Frame

  • *Unframed
  • Pocket Carcass Packaging
  • *Roll Wrapped (packaging in 5 and 10 wraps.)

  • Numbers may increase or decrease depending on the size situation.

  • *On pallets
  • Pocket Carcass Arrangement
  • *Parallel Array

  • * Nested (Honeycomb) Array

  • Production Method
  • Longitudinal Production – LDP

  • Transverse Production – WDP
  • Zone Layout3 - 5 - 7 Zone Production. (The number of regions may vary depending on the need.)
  • *Center Bonding

  • * Bonding in the form of lower and upper interlining

  • *Both Bottom and Top Interlining- and Adhesive in the Middle