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    Thanks to our customer portfolio spread over 20 different countries, we are growing more and more and we are trying to become the world's gateway to mattress by increasing our service quality.

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    Our team of experts who are competent in their work, aware of their responsibilities, are with you at every stage.

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    Fast and reliable support at every stage from the moment your request is received to its delivery.


    We do not compromise on quality with our products produced at world standards.

    Standard pocket springs provide high-level comfort.It has an independent spring feature due to the fact that each coil is in an individual strand. It helps body to relax by taking its shape by being manufactured (zoned) with different wire diameter in the same unit.Production is carried out in accordance with TS-7167 quality standards.

    The production specs of Bonel springs are as follows;

    Head Diameter Range: 72 – 96 mm
    Spring Height: 90 – 180 mm
    Number of Spins: 4-6 spin

    Bonnel springs can be produced as carcasses or as separate coils. Technically, the bonnel spring system is formed by the combination of the coils. The only difference is the packaging stage. Spirals are shipped on pallets (500kg & 1000kg) or in 20/25 kg packages tied with wire, in line with customer demands.

    Spring wires are produced from 1.25 mm thick to 5.00 mm and they are offered spring manufacturers.

    The products can be produced at the requested quality value and packaged as weight from 100 kgs to 900 kgs.

    The products are shipped with the core carton, strapped and packed with nylon.The bonel spring, which is used extensively in the production of mattress and sofas, is produced with a height of 100 mm -160 mm with a weight

    We provide our customers with the flexibility to order all sizes up to 3200 mm, in the desired color and print with the desired length or winding dimensions they want.

    Felts, which can be produced as rolls or units in various thicknesses and hardnesses depending on customer demand, are generally used as a protective layer on mattress springs and as a sponge substitute or sponge support in some mattress.

    Shrink film (thickness-size), which is determined according to the size and weight of the material to be packaged, is wrapped in the material to be packaged and subjected to heat treatment. The shrink film, which receives heat during this process, responds to transverse and longitudinal shrinkage. Thanks to this reaction, it is fully wrapped to the material. After this procedure, the film subjected to cold weather freezes and remains fully wrapped on top of the material, which prevents the material from shaking, tipping over, protects it from external factors and provides ease of transportation.

    FlexiForm is a comfort technology covering conventional foam types that can be produced between 14 -60 densities (density- kg/m3).

    SoftForm is a comfort technology covering the types of conventional foams that can be produced between 14- 60 densities (density- kg/m3), and thanks to its excellent softness, it gives extra comfort, flexibility and ergonomics to furniture and bedding sets.

    ViscoForm, a foam technology that can be used in bedding, pillows and medical products, helps to reduce rotational movements in the mattress, which especially affects the quality of sleep and prevents deep sleep.


    Mattregate is founded on the principle of providing every material you may need in the production of beds with the quality you want and on time.


    To maximize customer satisfaction by offering highest quality products and services, by fulfilling our responsibilities towards mankind, environment, and global values Using technology efficiently and effectively


    As Mattregate management and employees, we have adopted the principle of keeping quality at the forefront and the requirements of the quality management system, laws and regulations, created a quality system in this direction, and aimed at the full participation of all employees.

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